The Real Post Workout

This is a higher calorie post workout shake that is great after a particularly demanding workout.  If you are on a fasting protocol this is a great way to get a good amount of high quality calories relatively quickly.  This shake has a higher amount of carbohydrate relative to fats.  The fats overall are pretty low in this shake as I usually don’t mix something super heavy post workout.  



1/2 apple medium apple

1/2 medium beet

2 medium carrots

2 medium celery stalks

2 cups kale chopped up

1/4 lemon (peeled)

1 kiwi

1.5 cups almond milk

1 cup Greek yogurt

2-3 packets Truvia brand Stevia

4-5 ice cubes


Pour the almond milk into the blender and add the Greek yogurt.  Right on top of those two ingredients you want to add the softer fruits like the apple and the kiwi first.  You should then add the tougher fruits and vegetables.  Put the celery, carrots and lemon into the blender.  To make this easier on your machine you should chop them up.  For a non-high powered blender you will need to chop the ingredients up pretty small.  In general blender recipes with vegetables are going to be hard to make with a normal blender.  After the ingredients are added blend until you get it to a creamy consistency.  If you are using a normal blender you might have to stop it and mix the ingredients around with a spoon a bit to get the blender unstuck.  


Once you have it mixed up thoroughly it should have a creamy consistency with no noticeable plant matter.  The only hint of fruit or vegetable you should see is a good amount of fiber on the wall of the blender or glass you pour the smoothie in.

Beet carrot kiwi apple yogurt almond milk lemon post workout with kale

As you can see the nutrient density is pretty high for this mixture.  Its great for a bunch of different goals and is a nice way to get a good amount of calories after a workout.  

Macro Breakdown

Carbohydrate 55%

Protein 33%

Fat 12%