Egg Banana Pancakes

  This Recipe is ridiculous.  I cannot believe I haven’t tried making these myself.  I love bananas and eggs, but would never think to go to this extent to combine them in a dish.  One great thing about the recipe is the macro split.  If you have been doing some intense dieting and want to give your metabolism a boost these pancakes are the way to go.  Lower protein and higher fat and carbohydrate foods are very good for raising metabolism.  They give the body the calories it wants in an easily digested and assimilated package.  Additionally, the cholesterol in eggs is very important precursor the body can use in the production of testosterone. Don’t get me wrong I love the fullness high protein foods give you, but once in a while it is great to give your body a break from the challenge of digesting and assimilating protein.

Macro Split

kcal 293

Carbohydrates 40%

Protein 20%

Fat 40%


Photo Courtesy of Blogilates

Toddler Pancakes? 

    This is the name that was given to this recipe by the excellent food blogger Megan Gilmore of Detoxinista.  She used the recipe from a lesser known blog Blogilates.  Megan’s story is that she calls them toddler pancakes because she feeds them to her child instead of flour and syrup laden traditional pancakes.  Regardless, I like the recipe.  

Pancakes instructions


Photos Courtesy of Detoxinista


I couldn’t believe that pancakes made with banana and egg could make pancakes with the above consistency.  They can.  I will be making these regularly for at least the next couple of weeks.  One addition I make is to add some greek yogurt to these pancakes.  One of the best things you can do if you want to add sweetness into the yogurt is to mix some stevia powder into the yogurt.  If you add one serving of greek yogurt the macro split will change to the following.

Greek Yogurt Addition Macro Split (Add 1.5 cups greek yogurt sweetened with 3 packets stevia)

kcal 488

Carbohydrate   35%

Protein   40%

Fat    25%

     The above macro break down is a pretty good spot for someone on a cut.  It sort of negates what I was saying above about a low protein meal being easier to digest.  This one definitely isn’t low protein.  For all those people who need the extra protein this is without a doubt the tastiest way to go.