Sweet Potato Egg and Spinach Hash


    This is one of the best recipes for anyone following anyone following an Intermittent Fasting or fitness lifestyle.  The ingredients for this dish are all amazing on their own.  When thrown together, as shown below, they are amazingly satisfying.  The real highlight of this dish is that from set up to tear down the dish takes just under 10 minutes.  I timed it when I made the pictures below and it took 8:34.  

The macro break down for the below dish is as follows

470 kcal

39 grams carbohydrate

27 grams protein

18 grams of fat

To make this dish just follow these few easy steps

1) Throw a bunch of spinach in a mixing bowl.  I use 4-8 Cups



2) Crack 4 eggs and begin cooking them in a pan.  I usually mix the whites and the yokes and cook the whole thing as one piece.  It comes out looking like 1 big egg pancake.  This will make it easier to cut up in the mix after.  The consistency of the egg when it is more thoroughly cooked is much better then scrambled eggs once mixed in the spinach.



3) Next your going to weigh out the amount of sweet potatoes or yams you want to use.  For this recipe I recommend just under 200 grams of sweet potato.  This comes out to about 35 grams of carbohydrates and 150 kcal.



4) Next using a knife and fork, cut up the spinach that was in the bowl.  To do this you will need to turn the bowl after 10-20 cuts to make sure that all the spinach is cut up evenly.  After 100-200 cuts you will have spinach that looks like the below.


5) Next add the sweet potato into the bowl.  You can throw them in and cut them up later or you can mash them up.  I prefer to mash them up so that they are easier to cut up once the egg is added.

IMG_1122 IMG_1123

6) Next add in the cooked egg 2 tsp of salt and Red Hot 0 kcal wing sauce that is shown in the first picture above.



7) Cut the eggs and sweet potatoes up until there are no pieces larger then about 1/4″.  At this point you should be able to mix the three main ingredients into a hash with a spoon.  You can basically keep mixing until you get the consistency you want.  I usually go until I have something that looks like the image below.



Note: I like this recipe because it can be manipulated in a number of ways to fit a wide variety of situations.  For example, this dish can be made lower in fat and higher in carbohydrate by switching from 4 whole eggs to 2 whole eggs and 4 egg whites.  Raising the carbohydrate content is as easy as adding yams.  The fullness factor of the meal can be manipulated by playing with the amount of spinach in the dish.  I like this one with as many as 8 cups of spinach cut up in it.  This dish has served me well as it tastes good regardless of the amount of greens I mix in.  For someone who has never tried it I would recommend starting with 2-4 cups and building from there.  The only reason to ever add a large quantity of spinach is if you are really hungry and would like to feel full.  This dish is one of my top recommendations for breaking a fast along with some of the soup dishes recommended on this site.

If the above doesn’t impress you check out the sweet nutrient density of this dish

Sweet potato egg hash 1Sweet potato egg hash 2