This section will cover some of the recommendations I have for informational resources related to health and fitness.



Recommended Books For Fitness

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Mike Matthews Bigger Leaner Stronger and Thinner Leaner Stronger are the best resources for anyone trying to lay a foundation of knowledge for strength and physique training.  These books cover 90% of what you need to know to get in fantastic shape.  You could literally read either of these books and know everything you need to know about getting into shape.   





Recommended Website For Physique Training


     Greg O Gallagher’s fitness site KinoBody Finess is focused on building an aesthetic physique.  While Greg shows off some pretty impressive feats of strength and athleticism, the sites purpose is to show people how to look good.  Greg breaks training down into the absolute essentials.  Whats more impressive is that Greg’s programs are quite original.  Greg’ article Squat or Die – Group Think Exposed is a perfect example of the type of independent thought Greg applies to his training and his programs.  Greg has some truly cutting edge programs that will get the majority of people fantastic results.





Recommended Resource For Intermittent Fasting


      Leangains is the original intermittent fasting resource for physique athletes.  While there are many people who have supported intermittent fasting in conjunction with exercise or a healthy lifestyle, Martin Berkhan’s eangains site was the first resource to make it popular.  Most of the programs that involve intermittent fasting or IIFYM borrow concepts originally made popular on this site.  While many author give credit to Martin Berkhan, some still write programs that blatantly rip off his site.  This is a shame as it denies people the opportunity to investigate the original source of the information.  Leangains is a site that deserves more credit.   





Best Diet Book To Learn Something New And Useful 


     There is no book on nutrition alone that will solve anyone’s nutrition or weight issues.  The subject of diet and the behavioral patterns of eating go far beyond the components of your diet.  However, for nutritional information Dr. Fuhrman’s book offer quite a bit of original thought.  Many people dismiss Dr. Furhman and his followers as vegan fanatics, but there is much more to his diet recommendations then meet the eye.  Nutritarian dieting has many advantages that can be used in the context of any diet.  Intermittent Fasting diets can greatly benefit from nutritarian style meals.  For example, learning to cook high vegetable content meals and learning to make massive salads such as the ones recommended by Dr. Furhman enhance the fasting experience.  Whether you are fasting for a short period of time, such as in intermittent fasting, or a long period of time, breaking the fast correctly is extremely important.  The type of meals Dr. Furhman recommends are the perfect option for breaking a fast.       No one needs t read Dr. Furhman’s books and follow his advice to the letter.  Dr. Furhman himself acknowledges that most people will not follow his advise.  For those of you looking at a nutritarian inspired meal check out this sweet potato egg hash.  Or this steak and yam wonder.  These dishes provide two good examples of using nutritarian diet principles to enhance the nutrient density of fairly conventional foods.  While these dishes are something that would not be recommended in the above book, they were enhanced by the principles promoted in the book.  






Best Resource For Women That Just Want A Butt (or Men)


      Bret Contreras literally dedicated his career to finding the most effective glute strengthening exercise.  He was years ahead of the fitness industry when he began designing glute training programs.  At this point he is so far ahead of everyone else that he basically has no competition.  Bret has a bunch of fantastic books and articles highlighting his strategies for building the body.  Of course his emphasis is on building the glutes.  Not only is this fantastic for all the people out there that just want a butt, his information provides valuable for athletes as well.  Bret has made a point of demonstrating that the glutes are the number one muscle responsible for forward locomotion.  So, whether you want to increase your 100m time or just look better in your Lululemons go check out his site.  





Best Alternative Program For Men And Women



       Scott Abel’s newest workout program The Hardgainer Solution provides some counterintuitive solutions for frustrated trainees.  This books represents a culmination of Scott Abel’s  4 decades of experience in the physique enhancement industry.  Scott Has made a departure from some of his earlier programs with this one.  While generally an advocate of high volume high effort training, Scott takes  step back t observe what causes people to stop making progress.  While acknowledging the realities of overtraining, Scott provides a fresh solution to help keeping people progressing.  If you are interested to find out how training the entire body up to 7 days a week can help a hardgainer, then this is the book for you.  Scott’s recommendations include performing up to 200+ sets a week while staying “undertrained”.  If that is not counter intuitive enough for you I don’t know what is.  On top of that Scott’s book is one of FEB 2015’s hottest sellers in amazon’s fitness section with a current (20 FEB 15) 5 star review.       If you frustrated with your current program you owe it to yourself to check out this book.  You most likely have never seen a program like it.  





Best Website For People Who Want A program To Get a Big Bench Squat and Deadlift


      Johnnie Candito is an inspirational lifter.  His YouTube videos and tutorials provide valuable information for beginner to advanced powerlifters.  Johnnies enthusiasm for the sport is infectious.  If that wasn’t enough he offers 2 programs on his site for free.  A six week program that is a continuously variable program altering the set/rep scheme of the exercises for all of the 6 weeks.  This program is notable for the way Johnnie sets up the rep progression.  The lifter is challenged just a little bit each week.  Each week challenges the lifter in a slightly different way.  The main purpose of this Johnnie says is to keep the lifter engaged and motivated.  Like Johnnie says “motivation” is a training variable, and he writes it into the program.  If I needed to get my big 3 lifts up in a hurry I would drop all other training and follow one of Johnnie’s 2 programs.      Johnnies linear program is designed for people just starting to train seriously for strength.  Technique work is built into the program with the liberal use of paused reps.  After utilizing this program for a few months I found my main lifts increasing consistently.  I highly recommend either of his 2 free programs.  





Recommended If All You Want To Do Is Loose Weight


     As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.  As you can see above Teresa knows what she is talking about.  Her blog The Healthy Chef is referenced all over this site for good reason.  She knows how to balance ingredients and flavor to make amazingly tasty foods that will help people manage their weight.  In her 80/20 diet book she takes a balanced approach to a healthy lifestyle by offering a moderate workout program and diet.  I like her relaxed approach to changing habits.  She goes over everything that needs to happen from a lifestyle approach.  From Changing what you buy to how you cook, Teresa covers it all.             





The Best Resource For Athletes That  Need Strength and Conditioning For Competition

Complete Human Performce

alex viada0

     Alex Viada, the gentleman shown above, is the founder of CompleteHumanPerformance.  His credentials as listed on his site are as follows.

      NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and USA Triathlon Coach and is the founder and co-owner of Complete Human Performance.  He has over ten years of personal training and coaching experience with athletes of all ages and levels, including eight years of working with athletes with a disability. 
     A graduate of Duke University, currently enrolled in a Masters of Physiology program at NC State University, Alex spends his free time training for and competing in marathons, ultramarathons, triathlons and powerlifting, and aims to achieve both a sub-eleven hour Ironman and an Elite powerlifting total in the 220 pound class…  within several months of each other.”

  Alex provides top level coaching service for a fraction of the cost of most other coaches.  Not only is he more qualified then many other coaches, but his programs will probably get you better results.  If you are an athlete that needs a high level of strength and endurance then you owe it t yourself to at least check out some of Alex’s articles.  I recommend looking at his article, So You Want To Run, Endurance for Strength Athletes.  The first part of this article goes over the reasoning behind his programming.  In the next installment, So You want To Run, Endurance for Strength Athletes, Part 2, Alex lays out what a week of training would look like for number of different strength and endurance goals.  Finally Alex coined the term hybrid athlete, so if you see it being used in the fitness space you know where it came from.





Recommended Resource For Learning About Conditioning

8 Weeks Out

Joel Jamieson

     Joel Jamison’s website 8 weeks out is one of the web’s premier resources for conditioning information.  Joel breaks down many of the complicated subjects behind training athletes for sports ranging from MMA to Baseball.  What sets Joel’s site apart from many others is that he has resources for athletes and coaches.  If you just want programs to get you in the best condition of your life Joel has those.  If you want to learn in detail how to program conditioning in to a  training program Joel can teach you that as well.  His excellent resource Ultimate MMA Conditioning uses the training of fighters to demonstrate how conditioning should be applied to athletes.  The concepts in the book can easily be adapted to nearly any other sport.  Given Joel’s background training professional fighters and special operations personnel, Joel’s methods have been proven effective. 





Best Resource For Learning About Corrective Exercise and Enhancing Movement Patterns

movement systems

Gray Cook and his functional movement systems website is the best resource for learning how to screen for and correct faulty movement patterns.  Whether you want to enhance your functioning after spending years behind a desk, or you want to increase your athletic performance, Gray Cook can teach you how.  Personally I like to know what movement patterns lead to what injuries. The ones that pertain to your sport or chosen athletic endeavor will be of special importance.  Check out this book and his website functional movement for details on how to enhance your own movement.





Best Alternative Perspective on The physique Game



Natty or not is a blog that focuses on exposing the mis truths in the physique game.  The author takes a very negative stance on the mis information that is propagated by the mass fitness media.  One of the best things the author does is compile information from a large amount of online resources to give advice for strength and physique goals for natural trainees.  One of his best series involves exposing realistic weights for natural trainers at or near their genetic potential.  The author also looks at many of the popular recommendations for squat deadlift and bench press numbers and uses the available recommendations along with his experience to compose simple guides for very reasonable squat deadlift and bench press weights for natural trainees.  While many people will think these are too light, I think they are a good starting point for trainees who have average genetics and need to know where to shoot.  Finally the site exposes the relatively underground world of female drug use.  While many people, at least superficially, acknowledge the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs, many females do not understand how wide their usage is.  The article The Real Life of Female Physique Competitors exposes the often ignored world of female “fitness” competitor drug users.  This is important as these girls are not have the stereotypical female bodybuilder look.  These are the fitness models are the ones many girls want to look like.  For the above mentioned reasons, Natty or Not stand as a quality source of no hyper information.  

     If all that is not enough, you can at least get a kick out of the expressions the author uses.  As a non native speaker and having been born in a country where English was not the primary language, the author uses some pretty outstanding expressions.

“All powerlifters that I met there were also on steroids and many were very fat to say the least. Occasionally, there were also needles left in the locker room. As I said, the place was a pig farm.”