IF Chef's Lean & Tasty Physique Recipe

Craft The Physique You Want in The Time You Have

Discover how a few simple ideas can transform your physique and revolutionize how you think about health and fitness.


"Your life does not have to revolve around your diet and training, but your diet and training does have to revolve around your life."

The Physique Recipe shows you how to Lose fat and Build Muscle without changing your life or creating unnecessary stress and worry.

What Can a Bathroom Selfie Do For You?

     Not a whole lot....but, it might be able to lend some credibility to what im about to tell you.  I've probably spent more time reading about training and nutrition then I have working out, shopping, and cooking the food I eat.  Sad I know.  There is an upside.  I think I can save you the trouble.  Let me give you everything you need to know about health and fitness in as little time as possible.  You should be able to understand why you are training and dieting the way you are so you can have complete confidence in what you are doing.       Let me be your guide to the world of online fitness information.  My goal with IFChef and the physique recipe is to give you the nuts and bolts of the fitness game so that you can realistically evaluate your diet and training for the rest of your life.  This is the alternative to hiring a personal trainer.     

You know the people who complain that they cant seem to eat enough, and can just miraculously loose weight..........  You can be one of those people.

You know those people that go to the gym and just "do whatever" and seem to make progress......... ....You can be one of those people too.

  • The #1 nutritional concept you need to understand to actually not be hungry if your cutting
  • A simple way to navigate plateaus in strength to keep your lifts progressing
  • Perform how you look - Learn to work out for Aesthetics and Physical ability
  • Why there are so many different types of weight training programs and how to know which one is best for you
  • Why there are so many different diet programs and how to know which one is best for you
  • Concrete goals you can shoot for in terms of strength, body composition and endurance
  • Exactly what do do right now to get results quickly and easily from your time in the gym
  • How to Fast if you want to eat 1-3 meals per day
  • How to split up your meals if you want to eat 4+ meals per day
  • How to get the best results possible from 2-7 days per week in the gym

Tired of Looking The Same?

     This simple and easy-to-read guide will show you, how to increase your relative strength to become leaner, stronger and more powerful.  Stop following template based routines, and learn the easiest way to create a routine that changes along with your life.     Never have to go off your program or diet again by learning how to adapt your diet and training to your schedule, social life and current levels of motivation.  

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In This Manual You Will Discover...

  • The Right Way To Track Progress

    Never wonder, Know how much weight you should lift and how many reps you should do

  • What Kind of Foods to Eat

    Chicken breast and broccoli?  Cotton candy and Gasoline?  which foods and why, and what you can do to stay sane when choosing. 

  • How to Have a Life

    Enjoy the time you spend in the gym without making it the center of your life.  How to progress like your obsessed without actually obsessing. 

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"This innovative diet and workout program will change the way you look at health an fitness"

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  Check it out, I’m going to guarantee you results because I believe it is my job to deliver what I promise. If I am going to tell you that you are going to achieve massive improvements in your physique, I better deliver. Test drive this program, and if you’re not completely satisfied within the first 60 days you can get a full refund, and keep the information.   If you want to build a rock solid physique by increasing your strength on all your lifts, and you want to do it without going through any un-necessary bulking cycles, then simply click the button below.  You will have INSTANT access to the The Lean and Tasty Physique Recipe along with free email consultations for the first 2 weeks from date of purchase. I’m offering this generous guarantee because I 100% believe in this manual, and I know you’re going to see amazing results with it.

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