Budget Bytes Top Recipes


     Today I have the great fortune of bringing you 5 of the top recipes off of Budget Bytes.  The site focuses on easy to make low cost recipes.  The author Beth usually will make substitutions for any ingredients she feel are too high in cost or do not add to the dish.  in addition to being a food blogger, Beth works as a full time microbiologist, wow!  without further ado lets get into these recipes.  


wonderpot cost

   Kcal: 315      Fat: 8       Carbohydrate: 51         Protein: 12    Servings: 6


Wonderpot-close (1)

Photo Credit: Budget Bytes


    This recipe uses some really easy to find whole food ingredients.  One of the great things about this recipe is that Beth substitutes some of the more expensive ingredients, Basil, for some lower cost alternatives, spinach.  I love this as I usually recommend people add spinach to their cooked dishes in order to get some extra micronutrients into their diets.  Adding spinach to a tomato based dish is one of the easiest ways to increase your consumption of fresh vegetables.  Anyone who does not like the taste of spinach will not even notice it when cooked into a tomato sauce.  True to the name of the site, this dish comes in at just 6.52 USD for the hole recipe or about 1.09 a serving.

 If you take a look at the ingredients list, the total for the dish comes out to around 310 Kcal per serving with around a 60/20/20 ratio of carbohydrates protein and fat.  What I like about this dish is the nutritional boost the spinach adds to the tomato based sauce.






Greek Maranated chicken


Kcal: 390   Fat: 18   Carbohydrate: 3   Protein 49     Servings: 8




Image Credit: Budget Bytes

     This dish is very simple as the three primary ingredients are chicken, yogurt and olive oil.  Secondary ingredients include spices and lemon juice.  This type of dish would be a great addition to the above fettuccine as it ads protein and kcal to compliment the higher nutrient density and lower kcal of the above dish.  I like this one because it is a quick and easy way to make a huge bag of relatively low cost chicken taste great.  Additionally, anyone who wants a lower calorie version can simply opt for the skinless chicken breast.  The cost for this dish is 8.97 for the recipe and 1.12 a serving.


                                                                         One Thing you will notice about this recipe is that it lacks the nutrient density of most of the other dishes.  This is because this recipe is almost completely lacking in any vegetable component.  The main ingredients in the recipe are chicken, olive oil and yogurt.  while this dish provides a low cost, high quality source of protein, it does not provide that much in the way of vitamins minerals and micronutrients on its own.  This is one of the problems with most meat based dishes.  Generally this wont be a problem as most people will be having a salad or some other type of dish to round out their meal.  

     One group that often uses meat based dishes at the expense of other foods is new Paleo dieters.  Since most people who get into the “Paleo” diet focus on meat, they naturally veer away from the less exciting vegetable dishes.  The key to cooking balanced meals is to learn to make vegetables in an appealing way.  For example Beth’s Apple Cabbage Slaw below uses many of the same ingredients you would use to make a meat dish appealing in order to make her vegetable based dish more appealing.  That dish in particular would be a great addition to this chicken dish.                                                     





Slow Cooker taco chicken



Kcal: 395    Fat: 11     Carbohydrate: 47     Protein: 27     Servings: 9


Chicken Taco Bowl above


Image Credit: Budget Bytes


     This next recipe really had me pumped.  With regard to the target audience Beth says


This recipe is great for bachelors, students, or the chronically busy because it’s a “dump and heat” recipe. All you do is dump all of the ingredients together in a pot, and let it cook.”


     Man is she right.    I would like to add one group of people, guys that are separated from their wives / girlfriends because of work or otherwise who don’t have time to learn how to cook.  I think I have had at least three buddies in that situation show me their new found ability to cook using a similar slow cooker chili recipe.  so tasty!  Additionally, anyone who needs an easy dish that allows them to track their macronutrients will benefit from dump and cook recipes.  By adding everything beforehand you can split up your portion sizes however you see fit and still be able to track your total food intake for the entire dish.  This is super convenient when you really need to know what is in your food.  No need to weigh and measure a bunch of different meals.  Cook all the ingredients, and pack them for use throughout the day / week.  I really love that this recipe 

Slow cooker chicken taco





Pineapple kabab


Kcal:  820         Fat: 32              Carbohydrate: 93.8                Protein: 42.5             Serving:  6



kabab pineapple



Image Credit: Budget Bytes


     In regards to this meal Beth says 

This, to me, is a “perfect” meal. Beans and rice topped with grilled meat and vegetables.


     I completely agree. This meal is nearly perfect and something you could eat any time.  I would love to see some variations of this meal with different types of meat.  One of the things that’s nice about this recipe is that you can alter the amount of calories fat and protein in the recipe by switching out the type of meat you are using.  This makes planning for this meal, or incorporating it into your daily Kcal or macronutrient allotments super easy. 


Pineapple Kebab







Apple cabage slaw



    Kcal: 184            Fat: 6            Carbohydrate: 33            Protein: 5             Servings: 5

Apple Cabbage Slaw text 2


Image Credit: Budget Bytes


     For this recipe Beth decided to use fresh vegetables served cold.  This creates a fresh and crunchy dish complimented by sweet apples and yogurt.  This can be eaten alone or as part of a meat dish.  One thing that is great about any vegetable based dish is that it includes a large amount of micronutrients.  If you notice above the Greek chicken, being the only meat only dish, does not have a large amount of micronutrients.  This apple cabbage slaw would be a great addition to that dish in order to round out its nutrient profile.  

Cabbage Slaw


      Alright, with this final Apple slaw recipe this wraps up this special Budget Bytes showcase.  Be sure to check out some of the awesome dishes on Budget Bytes that are set up in a bunch of different groupings.  For example, there is a list of foods by region in the Global Archives.  Another great place to start is the Slow Cooker guide section.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these quick recipes.  For more recipes and food prep shortcuts subscribe on the home page.  Ill send you a quick summary of the IFChef nutritional guidelines for easy weight loss or weight gain.