50/35/15/530 Steak and Yam Wonder



This dish is one of the easiest healthiest things you can cook at home.  “Healthy” is a term that most people would consider relative.  In this case I believe health has to do with the nutrient density of the food as well as the chance that someone would voluntarily keep eating a food.  In the end this means a food that is nutrient dense and relatively tasty.   The following dish can be manipulated with different thickeners, sauces and meat / egg combinations to be made several times a week.

1)   Take a big pan and throw a good amount of spinach in it.


2)   Take a good amount of mushrooms, cut or whole, and throw them into the pan.


3)   Take out an onion and cut it on a cutting board.


4)    Place cut onion into the pan with the spinach and mushrooms.



5)    Take garlic out of your fridge and take a picture of it with your iphone.


6)     Throw the garlic in with the spinach and mushrooms and onions.


7)     Get out New York steak or any other meat.  (Vegans add more mushrooms)


8)     Place meat into the pan. (Cook meat first if using poultry)


9)    Get out the yams you cut and boiled earlier in the day. (I should have mentioned this earlier)


10)    Place an appropriate amount of yams in the pan to meet your current dietary needs.


11)    Get out your medium to low calorie tomato sauce.  (The type with little to no oil)


12)    Pour the tomato sauce into the pan.  ½-1 cup should be enough, but its for taste so dont stress.


13)    Add Red Hot zero calorie wing sauce, ketchup, mustard or soy sauce


14)    Add water to help all the ingredients heat up and mix together without burning.

15)   Place on high heat for 6-8 minutes.


16)   Open up the pan and stir / smash the ingredients together.  It helps to cut up the meat you are using with a fork or spatula.



17)   Place the top back on and cook for another 3-6 minutes on high heat.


18)  As an option you can add cottage cheese or coconut powder to further thicken the mixture.

19)  Enjoy a relatively tasty, very high micronutrient meal.


You can make this as thick and rich as you like by increasing the relative amount of meat and tomato sauce.  This is especially important if you are cooking for people who might not be used to eating a large quantity of nutrient dense plant foods like spinach.  If you want to start with an even milder form of the above you can substitute broccoli for spinach.  For those of you that want to get a really large quantity of phytochemicals and phytonutrients you can increase the quantity of spinach or add in other greens such as kale.  The above is a very flexible recipe that can be modified in a number of ways.

The Healthiest Cooked Dish in the world 1

Thanks for the reading, and I hope this saves you some time.