Malcom’s Almond Butter & Syrup Sweet Potato

This recipe is from the Road to Ripped Podcast episode 107.  In this episode Greg O’ Gallagher interviews one of his clients Malcom.  Malcom submitted before and after photos of himself which can be seen on Greg’s site.  Malcom discusses some of the strategies that helped him get to single digit body fat.  One strategy he discussed was drinking iced coffee in the mornings.  He says that this helped him to ward off hunger earlier in the days. While Malcom and Greg discuss many interesting points about his transformation, one standout was his sweet potato recipe.  Malcom said that he would regularly take sweet potato and eat it with almond butter and low calorie syrup.  Malcom mentioned that he would eat many low fat protein sources through out the day.  He mentioned pork and chicken tenderloin which are both very lean.  This would give Malcom a wide range of calories fat and carbohydrates to play with to make desserts like the following. 



1) Almond Butter 2 TBS (32g)

2) Sweet Potato 225g

3) Low calorie Syrup 4 Tbs




smuckers sugar free syrup


1) Cut up sweet potatoes and rinse thoroughly with water

2) Heat sweet potatoes in water until water boils and cook for 10-15 minutes 

3) remove water and allow sweet potatoes to cool

4) mix sweet potato with 2 tbs almond butter

5) add in 2-4 tbs sugar free syrup

     With the addition of sugar free syrup this recipe will come to about 390 kcal.  You can add many other ingredients to alter the taste or to turn this recipe into a meal.

     One of my favorite combinations is to add Greek yogurt and sweet potato.  The addition of  the almond butter and sugar free syrup makes it that much better.  If you combine all 3 you get the following mix.  In total it has about 520 kcal with a 45/25/25 split of carbohydrates, protein and fat.  In total this comes out to about 55g carbs, 34g protein and 16 grams of fat.  Overall this is a pretty satisfying desert or meal.  As noted in the podcast, this recipe could change your life.


  Finally, if you want to sub the almond butter and low cal syrup, you could go with stevia and PB2 peanut butter mix.  Both of these would lower the fat and calories of the recipe considerably.  The entire recipe with Greek yogurt yams and PB2 subbed for almond butte would come out to 345 claories with 60% coming from carbohydrate, 35% coming from protein and only 5% coming from fat.



    The best thing about this recipe is that there are a bunch of ways you can customize it.  You can add chocolate and stevia instead of low calorie syrup as well to change the flavor.  Pretty much any time you are dealing with a sweet recipe you cannot go wrong with some combination of PB2, cocoa powder and stevia.